Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

On my bike ride home from work this evening I stopped at the post office to mail a letter. Kids: A letter is like e-mail that you print out and give to the recipient. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how it used to be.

Did you know that post offices don’t have stamp machines in the lobby any longer? I didn’t notice that until today. When I asked the guy behind the corner when that happened, he said, “Oh, about five years ago, I think. Maybe more.” Shows how much I’ve been paying attention. I would’ve changed the subject to hide my embarrassment, but I was there to buy stamps.

Did you know they don’t even print stamps with prices on them? All stamps are “forever” stamps now. What’s the point of that? They’re just pretend stamps, really. Why don’t they print the word “forever” in the corner of envelopes and charge a buck apiece for them, or whatever the price of a first-class stamp is up to now. I don’t even know. A buck and a half? Ten bucks?

Kids: Stick with e-mail.

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