Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Gal called me on the phone the other day, asked me to call her back, “or, if you’d rather send e-mail, my address is,” and then she spelled her name, which was part of the e-mail address. I probably can’t tell you what her name was without being clapped in irons for violating the Customer Privacy Protocol or something like that, so I’ll just make up a name and say it was Goodman, which she would have spelled this way: “G, O, O, D as in David, M as in … as in … um, mow your lawn, A, N as in Nancy.”

When I could stop chuckling to call her back, she said, “Thanks for getting back to me so soon!”

“And thank you for ‘M as in mow your lawn,'” I responded. “That’ll be the biggest smile I get all day.”

phonetics | 5:51 am CDT
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