Thursday, June 7th, 2012

On my way to work yesterday, I stopped by our favorite bakery to see what kind of traffic accident would make the operators close it down for a day, as they mentioned in a Facebook post that they were experiencing some technical difficulties.

It turns out a drunk driver crashed a car into it. Doesn’t that just figure? We finally get a really good bakery on this side of town and some douchenozzle comes along and screws up everybody’s good deal.

According to a story in the Wisconsin State Journal, a drunk driver was trying to make a getaway from the police when he lost control of his car. He must have been moving at a pretty good clip, because just before he knocked the corner off the bakery, he tore the front off an apartment building two doors up the street. Somehow, that wasn’t enough to stop his car from punching through the cinderblock wall of the bakery.

The good news is, nobody was hurt. Also, the bakery plans to move up the street soon anyway.

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