Monday, May 7th, 2012

Spotted on the way into town last Saturday: There is something not quite right with this picture.

I literally tromped on my brakes when I noticed that this van appeared to be parked abnormally close to the fence around the Dumpster – the little black coupe was not even visible until I circled around into the parking lot for a better look. And I didn’t notice that the van driver clipped the bumper off the Toyota in the right foreground until I stopped to take a picture.

The skid marks on the blacktop make it look like the little black coupe must have been parked at least two spaces back when the van plowed into it and shoved it up against the fence, snapping the fence posts clean off at ground level.

Not only did the van driver shove the little black coupe sideways at least twenty feet into a fence that he broke off and shoved another ten feet or so, he still had enough momentum to push two Dumpsters into the fence on the other side of the enclosure, which he also snapped clean off its posts – and into another car! Hat trick!

It looks horrific, but a couple guys I met in the parking lot said that the driver got out of the van under his own power and was talking with the police immediately after the crash. The wreck made a lot of noise, they said, but nobody else was involved. They weren’t sure what happened to the driver of the van. I’m guessing he spent the weekend in the hoosegow unless somebody came to bail him out.

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