Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Not that you asked, but here’s my idea for a tax plan: Everybody pays the same percentage that I pay, and when I say “everybody,” I mean corporations too because, as everyone knows, corporations are people.

This cannot possibly be class warfare. I’m asking only that everybody pay the same exact percentage of their income that I pay. Nothing could be more fair than that.

The way this will work is, each year, after My Darling B finishes filling out all the tax forms, I will post the amount paid as a percentage of income, and then you will all send in that amount. If I pay thirty-five percent, then you will pay thirty-five percent. No exceptions, no special deductions, no bullshit loopholes like, “My income’s only a dollar a year because I’m the CEO … and my annual hundred million dollar bonus isn’t technically part of my salary.” If you’ve got money coming in, they call that income. It’ll get taxed just like my income does. Cough it up.

Or, we could turn it around: I pay the same percentage as a corporation that offshores its assets, which, I believe, is zero, or so close to it as to make no difference. Either way, I’m good.

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