Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

While I was unloading dishes from the wash machine yesterday morning and so luckily had my back to the room, one of the light bulbs in the dining room light fixture went ka-POW! I jumped about a foot in the air. The pieces were still settling when I hit the ground.

The fixture is one of those ugly brass things that’s supposed to resemble a candelabra, but it has a cut-glass shade over it. Combined, they make one of the ugliest hanging lamps I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been meaning to replace it forever, but the thought of spending a whole day shopping for a lamp gives me the hives. I’ve put it off all these years in the hope that I will accidentally walk past the perfect lamp in a store one day, thank my lucky stars and walk out with it. Hasn’t happened yet.

The bulb detonated with the strength of a gunshot. Not only did it sound like small arms fire at close range, but the bulb that exploded also shattered the bulbs on either side of it, leaving teensy tiny pieces of glass all over the floor, the table cloth, the laundry – hell, some of the pieces went as far as the living room. I had to swap out the cat dishes to make sure they didn’t get any razor-sharp shards with their kibble.

I can’t figure what made it blow up like it did. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve heard that water will make them do that, but there wasn’t any water anywhere near the lamp. I suppose a bug might have somehow crawled down inside the fixture and shorted out the gap between the contacts, instantly transforming itself from a creepy crawling creature to an expanding cloud of gas, which would have been kind of cool if it hadn’t also scared the pee out of me. But other than that, I can’t imagine how it might have happened.

Now I’ve got to waste an entire day shopping for a lamp, I suppose, because neither of us wants to eat dinner under the one that’s currently hanging over the table with three broken light bulbs in it.

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