Monday, September 12th, 2011

In last night’s dream I was driving home from somewhere downtown, not the easy way along Johnson Street but through cap square, where you have to go around the capitol building. There are two lanes around the square and it’s one-way traffic, and you have to be careful to make sure you’re in the right lane if your turn’s coming up or you’ll have to go around the square again. Meanwhile, all the other drivers are jockeying for position, too. The drivers who are in a terrifically huge hurry to get to their very important meetings are zooming around the square on the inside lanes, then darting down the side roads by cutting off everyone else. The drivers who are not as colossally important as the zoomers are checking their mirrors before they change lanes and some of them are even using their turn indicators. And the out-of-towners looking for Ella’s Deli just keep circling the square.

In my dream, traffic was going clockwise around the square instead of counter-clockwise, as it does in real life. Really, I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. Dreams have to be as screwy as possible, so of course traffic went the wrong way. And to make it even screwier, the hill at the corner of Mifflin Street was no longer a gentle climb, followed by a long, slow drop – it was a climb so abrupt that I couldn’t see over the hood of the car, followed by a precipitous drop that made me want to jump out of the car and parachute to the ground. And it wasn’t Mifflin Street, it was Highway 12. And it dead-ended into the wall beside my desk at work. I parked with the bumper pressed against the wall and got out to see where the phone line came out of the other side of the wall. It was an easy drive through the parking garage, so I got back in the car and drove down the ramp to the gravel lot by the park bench where I could sit and eat a picnic lunch by the lake. At that point my brain apparently couldn’t handle the weird any longer and I woke up, just minutes before my alarm clock was set to bleep.

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