Monday, August 29th, 2011

I have this bizarre recurring dream in which I can’t find the keys to my college dorm room. It usually happens while I’m between classes and I’m heading back to pick up some books I forgot to grab on the way out that morning. In last night’s dream, I had just gotten the keys to another dorm room because I was going to move, and on the way back to my old room I reached into my pocket for the keys and could find everything but. The crap in my pockets looked like the kind of junk you’d scoop out of the middle drawer of an office desk you were trying to clean out: Loose change, paper clips, stubby pencils, scraps of paper, key chain rings, several broken keys, and so on. Weirdly, I had the keys to the B&B in East Troy where My Darling B and I stayed night before last. I didn’t recognize them at the time and got really pissed off at the fact that I seemed to be carrying a skeleton key for no apparent reason, but not the key to my room, which I could’ve really used. The whole damn dream was me looking for my keys. When I’d emptied all the junk and lint from my pockets and the dream should’ve ended, I went into other people’s rooms and started looking through random desk drawers. I wonder if this will be my hell.

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