Friday, August 26th, 2011

My Darling B lucked out big time last night: she didn’t have to prepare a special dinner for our anniversary. Thursday night is guy night, so I put my awesomely manly talents to good use, fired up my trusty Weber grill, and burned some burgers for our celebratory meal. We had some sweet corn in the fridge, too, so I steamed that and served it as a side for bonus points.

Twenty-two years of wedded bliss. Here’s to twenty-two more. (I wonder when people stop saying that, not because they’re sick of it or marriage, but simply because it no longer seems possible. I mean, when we’ve been married fifty years I probably won’t be saying, “Here’s to fifty more,” because unless I get just about every organ replaced and they fit me with robotic legs, I doubt very much I’ll still be tottering around when I’m one-hundred thirty years old. Just sayin’.)

22 | 6:12 am CDT
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