Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Seanster, My Darling B and I went to see Cowboys & Aliens last night. B got the tickets, Seanster got the popcorn and sodas, I got to sit back and enjoy the movie. So Heinlein was wrong. There is such a thing as a free lunch.

You can expect to pay fifteen bucks for a large bucket of popcorn and two sodas at a theater in Madison, WI, by the way. It’s a freaking huge bucket of popcorn, but still, that is an unreal profit margin on a dollar’s worth of product.

The movie was about what I expected. Daniel Craig makes a pretty convincing cowboy. Harrison Ford almost does. Sam Rockwell was completely wasted. Who’s Olivia Wilde?

I can’t believe we ate all that popcorn.

Cowboys & Aliens | 7:18 am CDT
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