Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

You know the kind of dream that’s not scary enough to be a nightmare, but still scary enough that you don’t want to go back to sleep after because you don’t want to have any more of that dream?

In last night’s dream I’d been abducted, or teleported, or somehow spirited away to a mountaintop chalet outside an alpine village without any knowledge of how I got there. My Darling B was with me, as well as several other people I didn’t know, and there was one creepy guy nobody knew who was apparently supposed to be supervising us. He wouldn’t tell us where we were or how we got there. He would only keep repeating that it was his responsibility to take care of us.

When we left the chalet to walk into town, the creepy guy followed us everywhere, talking into his cell phone every once in a while using a foreign language. I was sure he didn’t know I could understand him because he was saying things about us that he wouldn’t have said to our faces. At one point he mentioned rather off-handedly that he was going to take us back to the chalet soon and chloroform us all while we were sleeping, so I made sure we stayed in town. We talked a hotel manager into giving us a room for the night even though we didn’t have any way to pay him right then. The creepy guy left after we thanked him for showing us around and he didn’t come back, but after hearing what he said on the phone I stayed awake all night while the rest of our group slept.

I woke up about twenty minutes before my alarm clock was set to start bleeping, so I laid in bed another ten minutes or so, dozing but not falling asleep because I didn’t want to know what happened after that.

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