Sunday, April 17th, 2011

In last night’s dream I was walking home because there was no gasoline. I don’t mean just in my car, I mean anywhere. For some reason, there was practically nobody around who knew how to make it anymore. I was walking home from a pub where I met with a man who knew how to refine gasoline. Apparently he was very hard to find because everybody else there was very hopeful that they would soon be able to drive their cars again. But the man had to pop all their bubbles because, he said, he would need at least fifty other guys who knew how to run the refinery. He had no idea where to find those fifty other guys and neither did anybody else at the pub, so we drank a couple more pints, then went home.

I lived somewhere along the Atlantic coastline of Ireland, and although it was the middle of winter it was warm enough outside that I could take my jacket off and walk in my shirtsleeves. Even when I had to ford the mouth of a small bay I wasn’t cold, although I waded into water up to my knees.

I headed back to shore because the water kept getting deeper and I realized I couldn’t walk across, but I didn’t want to walk around the bay because I knew I’d have to walk several miles out of my way. Luckily, there was a huge, floating spit of snow, almost an iceberg, floating in the water near the bank that I could clamber atop and push through the water with a pole. I was able to push it across the mouth of the bay as fast as if I had been in a motorized fishing boat.

Walking along the road, I saw nobody until I came to the next town where everybody was gathered in and around the pub, and they were all talking about where to get gasoline. When I told them about the guy I was talking to in the pub I had just left, they all got very quite for a few minutes until the barman started pulling pints and passing them around. I waved him off because I didn’t have any money for beer but he said it was on the house. He fed us all lunch, too.

I remember walking home after that but not much else, because one of the cats – here in the real world – became very restless toward morning, kept walking back and forth across my chest, teasing the other cat and waking me up.

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