Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I’ve got an idea that could help government at the state and federal level break out of the Republican-Democrat gridlock we’re seeing everywhere. It’s going to sound a little weird at first, but go with me for a little bit and see if it doesn’t make some sense after all.

The trouble that I’m seeing here in our great state of Wisconsin, as well as way up at the federal government level, is that votes are split right down partisan lines, am I right? If I’m not, just pretend I am for the sake of argument because otherwise there isn’t much point to reading the rest of this post and I’ll feel like I went to the trouble of writing it for nothing.

So what I’m thinking is, why don’t we elect one Republican and one Democrat to each of the offices that are up for election? If they can’t vote along party lines they’ll have to actually work toward a solution, which I admit is such a radical idea that they may have trouble grasping the concept, but there’s an even chance they’ll eventually get the idea and maybe even fix a few of the things that are wrong with the country before lobbyists find a loophole and fuck things up again.

I know it sounds like making government bigger but that’s not at all what I’m proposing. My idea is like splitting stock. To use the senate as an example, we’ll still have two senate seats for each state, but we’ll elect one Republican and one Democrat to each seat. Each senator will have half a vote. They’d have to split the salary and benefits down the middle and time-share an office. It might be worth doing just for the fun of watching them fight over who gets to sit in the big chair.

We’d do the same thing to every other elected official. Every governor, every judge, everybody who owed their job to a slimy attack ad. They’d go from having all the political power of their parties to having virtually none, because the advantage every one of them had would be canceled out by the other wheel squeaking to be greased. Suddenly the Republicans and Democrats would all be about as powerful as the Greens.

I really don’t see a down side to this. How about you?

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