Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

From Michael Perry’s Coop: A Family, a Farm, and the Pursuit of One Good Egg:

I am open to the idea of home birth because I love my wife and this is what she wants, but I am also bucky about the idea of delivering babies old-style if it is simply in service of some whole-grain earth mother sensibility picked up during a women’s studies course in Colorado. As a former fundamentalist gone agnostic, I tend to dig my heels in at the first whiff of evangelism, whether it be deployed in the service of Girl Power, salvation, or the curative wonders of organic yams. There is also the frank issue of testosterone — four years in nursing school and three Indigo Girls albums notwithstanding, I am not purged of all and not interested in achieving complete anemia. In short, a man likes to drive. Even when he is lost.

Amen to that, brother.

Coop | 5:35 pm CST
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