Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

13th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival 2011

Day off from work today with My Darling B – AWESOME! And not just today but tomorrow and Friday, too, so we can cram as much movie watching into the five days of the Wisconsin Film Festival as possible.

The festival doesn’t kick off until six o’clock this evening but we took the whole day off today anyway because we want to be fresh and ready to enjoy movies, instead of tired and ready to go to bed after a day at the office.

To that end, we started the day by sleeping in until seven-thirty, then sitting on the sofa drinking coffee until about eight-thirty when we got dressed and drove into town to enjoy a breakfast at the Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery. I don’t have a lot of ambitions, but if I could figure out how to start every day this way I’d never want another thing in my whole life. No, really.

And, since we had a little time off between breakfast and our first film, I finally got my hair cut. I didn’t appreciate how easy it was to get my hair cut when I worked downtown. Now that I work in an office that’s a long way from a barber shop that I can walk to on my lunch hour, the only time I can get my hair cut is on Saturdays, but the barber shop up the road from Our Humble O’Bode is only open from nine to noon on Saturdays. Our Saturday morning routine usually keeps me from getting there before it closes, so it’s been weeks since my last hair cut. My hair was so long that, when I came home, My Darling B took one look at me and said, “Wow, your hair looks weird.” I can’t wait to use that one on her the next time she gets her hair cut.

Tonight, we have tickets to see 13 Assassins and Pink Saris. More on that after.

Oh, and we both took a day off on Monday, because screw Monday.

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