Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

We started watching the television series Rescue Me about a month ago after we saw Denis Leary on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and they mentioned this would be the last season for Leary’s show. I turned to My Darling B for the umpteenth time and said that I heard that was a pretty good show and she said for the umpteenth time that we should check it out from the library and watch it. We’ve been saying this to each other since life crawled out of the ocean.

Then about three or maybe four weeks ago we finally checked the first disk out from the library and watched it. And it was pretty good, so we watched the next one, and then the next one, and we finished watching the last disk of the first season last night. We’d probably be watching the first episode of the second season right now if B wasn’t knocked out cold from the over-the-counter medicine she took right before supper. She’s a little under the weather again. Spring isn’t as kind to some of us as it is to the rest of us.

Weird thing about Rescue Me is this: There are practically no likable people on the show. Tommy Gavin, the character played by Denis Leary, is a complete asshole who talks to everybody he knows, even – no, especially his friends as if he would rather be doing anything else. He drinks way too much, and all the time. He beats people up on a whim and he’s screwing his best (dead) friend’s wife. She kind of threw herself at him, but still.

The rest of the show’s main characters, most of them firemen all in the same New York city firehouse, are not as bad as Gavin, only nearly. All the married peole are screwing around on their spouses, everybody else is just screwing. We were watching an episode the other night that had so much screwing in it that when the fire alarm went off and the firefighters all suited up and climbed into their trucks, B yelped, “Holy Cow, that’s right! This is a show about firemen! I forgot!” If real-life firemen are half the horndogs these guys are, no woman anywhere in the country is safe.

Thing is, we keep watching. It’s like trying to tear our eyes away from a really gory traffic accident. Can’t do it. So, I’m not saying it’s an especially good show, but it’s watchable in that strange way that internet videos of a tsunami are watchable. It’s grotesque. It’s abhorrent. It’s not right. But I can’t stop watching it.

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