Monday, March 21st, 2011

Driving home from work tonight I glanced left, then right to check traffic after the light turned green at the intersection to Washington Avenue and happened to notice a blind man feeling his way along the pedestrian crossing with a white cane. That’s an awfully wide, scary intersection for anybody to cross. I do it myself three or four times a week and even when the light gives me enough time, which it never does, and even when the cars turning across the intersection don’t crawl menacingly toward me as I hurry across, which they always do, this is not a user-friendly place to walk. I avoid it when I can.

So I was absolutely gobsmacked when I checked my rear-view for tailgaters after clearing the intersection and saw the blind man again, but this time in the middle of the intersection! He was walking in a wide arc right through the middle of it, headed for the northbound lane, ninety degrees off course! I wanted to hop out of the car and run into traffic but there were cars behind me and cars turning out of parking lots on either side. Every time I checked my mirror I expected to see him getting flattened by a truck but it didn’t happen. When I finally got the chance to tap the brakes and head for the curb I took one last look back and saw him taking his last few steps toward the corner. It was like magic. All I can figure is, once he got close enough to the other side he must’ve heard the talking walk sign, hooked a right and high-tailed it back on over to the curb.

Crossing | 8:37 pm CST
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