Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I’m going to call bullshit on our current economic crisis. I think I’ve done this before, but the latest round of budget cuts made by “fiscally responsible” elected officers is really starting to chap my nads and they’re already kind of tender.

The flag-pin politicians who keep repeating “we’re broke” like it’s a mantra are overlooking a key point: The government isn’t a money-making business. It doesn’t go broke. It can spend as much as it wants.

Don’t believe that? Then answer this question for me: How does the war get paid for? (“We’re at war?” “Yes, for the past ten years. Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you. Go back to sleep.”) The government literally spends more money than you can imagine on the bullets and beans to keep that war going, and a huge chunk of that money is “off-budget.” They literally pull money out of thin air!

How do they do that? I have no idea. Maybe the adage “wishing can’t make it so” is a flat-out lie, or maybe it doesn’t apply to money. But time after time politicians have waved a wand over their big magic top hat, reached inside and pulled out stack after stack of million-dollar bills. When they can do hocus-pocus like that, the argument that the government doesn’t have the money to pay for medical care or teachers’ salaries doesn’t make sense.

Another catchphrase I’m already tired of hearing: “I can’t allow the taxpayers to be on the hook for paying teachers who are not teaching.” Taxpayers are not “on the hook” for anything. Taxpayers just pay what the government tells them to. The taxpayers certainly aren’t spending the money. That’s what the government does. If anyone’s on the hook, it’s mealy-mouthed politicians. If taxpayers were the ones “on the hook,” I think you’d see some real changes to how they money was spent.

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