Friday, February 18th, 2011

How weird is life, eh?

I spent a (mostly) happy twenty-one year career in the military, then voted with my feet when a bunch of flag-pin politicians decided the military was a vital part of their regime-change policy and not, as I’d always believed, a means of defending the constitution.

After retirement I landed a job at a bank, probably the least likely place I thought I’d ever end up working, and put in five good years there, five years that culminated in the popping of the real estate bubble and the mortgage crisis that rocked the world economy. My job as a supervisor was eliminated. I started job-hunting again.

At that point I was fifty years old, my skill set was best suited for office work and my feeling was the current trend of job-hopping wasn’t going to work for me. I figured going back to government work would be a great idea, so I landed a job with the state: lousy pay, but good benefits.

Then what happened? Another flag-pin politician decided that state worker’s benefits make them the “haves,” and proposed the first step in transforming them into have-nots by trashing the state worker’s union.

Well, dammit.

I Ain’t No Job | 6:11 am CDT
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