Monday, February 14th, 2011

This was the first time in almost two weeks that I was able to take a long, leisurely stroll around the neighborhood on my lunch break. I took two lunchtime walks during the recent deep-freeze, but they were much less leisurely and more like trotting than strolling or walking. I was torqued so tightly with cabin fever, though, that I didn’t care how cold it was, and it was pretty damned cold. But I only did it those two times.

We’ve got some kind of freak warm weather cell hanging over us right now, just like we’ve had a freak arctic weather cell hanging over us for the past halfmonth. Temps were in the fifties when I went out today – in my windbreaker! – and the snowbanks I had to climb were only half as tall as when I clambered over them a week ago. The sun was out, a fresh wind was blowing – it’s almost enough to make a fool think that winter might be over.

But I’m no fool. I was born and raised here. We’ll get one or two more days of this before the ice curtain descends again and we’re all buried in snow. It happens every year in Wisconsin at about this time. If I believed there was some kind of inscrutable cosmic plan I’d think it happened on purpose to thin the herd of the ones that aren’t bred for this kind of thing, and to scare the transplants back to warmer climes. It works on the transplants, so who knows.

Sunny Day | 8:34 pm CST
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