Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

image of me shoveling snow

Here’s the obligatory snapshot of me and T-Dawg shoveling about a foot and a half of snow off the driveway. I can’t tell how much snow actually fell – probably only six or eight inches – but the driving wind heaped up drifts at least a foot and a half high of snow like cake frosting, the good kind made of powdered sugar and butter. We started at the end of the driveway where it was packed solid by the street plow. It took us about a half-hour of manic shoveling to clear a spot big enough for T to pull his Honda Civic in off the street.

I decided to take the day off when we got news yesterday afternoon that the governor had declared a state of emergency and called out the national guard. State offices were closed to the public and the governor urged everyone to stay off the roads but he stopped short of releasing state employees from work, urging us to use our best judgment and allowing us to use our personal holiday time if we wanted to stay home. Well, when a snow storm as big as the North American continent is hovering over us and the governor calls out the national guard to clear roads and rescue people, I don’t have to think about it too much.

When we went to bed last night the wind was howling, literally howling outside, and the view out the front window was pretty much limited to a wall of driving snow blowing down the street. I almost expected to wake up this morning and find it had drifted up the sides of the house in drifts so high I’d have to dig my way out, but it was only up to the doorstep. T showed up at seven-thirty this morning, just as I finished brewing the morning pot o’ joe and was wolfing down my last spoonful of granola, to help me shovel the driveway, and a good thing for me, too. I’d have spent the whole day, no exaggeration, shoveling all that snow off the driveway if I’d had to do it myself, but he showed up without me even calling to beg for help. What a good lad.

Now that the driveway’s cleared and The Snownami™ has moved on, the rest of my day will be mostly sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee. I’ve got a great view out our picture window of everyone else in the neighborhood as they shovel snow off their walks. Actually, most of them have snow blowers. I’m one of the few cheap-ass holdouts on the street who doesn’t, but that’s likely to change soon.

Attack of THE SNOWNAMI! | 9:38 am CST
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