Sunday, December 26th, 2010

All I remember of last night’s dream is the end of it: I was walking home with a friend from my job as a cartoonist for a Chicago newspaper. He dropped me off at my apartment building before continuing on to his. My building was an almost featureless black cube about ten stories high that stood in the middle of a park wooded with willow and birch trees. As I got closer to it I could see that the surface of the cube was hundreds of smaller black cubes that had no apparent function at all. It had an ultra-modern look that had been heavily weathered by a decade or two of steady use. The elevator ran up the outside corner of the building but I went right past it and yet still somehow ended up walking down the hallway to my apartment somewhere deep inside the building. My place was very small, just one room with two small doorless partitions setting the kitchen and the bathroom apart from the main room. All the appliances were built into the walls, even the television screen, but no matter how long I searched, and I did look for quite a while, I could not find the refrigerator. The end.

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