Monday, November 1st, 2010

I’m torn: I’ve got less than 120 pages left and then I’m finished with David McCullough’s Truman. I should be upstairs on the sofa finishing it off right now, but I couldn’t let the night pass without banging out some drivel. So here you go:

Dance night tonight. It’s been at least two months since we went to group class on Monday night, but Mr Park’s teaching swing on Mondays all this month and next and we have a pretty good time with swing, so we tweaked our schedule a bit. Lots of people there tonight. Group dances were slow all summer but they’re starting to get crowded again now that the weather’s turned cold and it gets dark about five minutes after dinner. Most of the others there were beginners so Mr Park spent quite a bit of time with them but still came over to us every so often to make sure we were working on our technique. My Darling B kept at her rock step until she could make her hips swivel like a cage dancer’s. She says she can’t keep up with the music but really I couldn’t have a better swing partner. She’s pretty darned good in a waltz step, too.

One of the steps we were practicing was a link. We start out dancing hand in hand, then link up arm in arm and circle around each other. Younger dancers than us would probably perform a kick or some jive. We mostly just keep on with the basic swing step until we’ve circled around a couple times, then spin apart or maybe twirl. A twirl just seems natural coming out of a link. We weren’t supposed to be twirling, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s way too much fun, and I need to practice it so I’m not yanking on B’s arms. I do tend to get carried away when a really jumpin’ tune makes me boogie.

We’ll go to group class again tomorrow night, too, because Mr Park’s starting to teach group waltz on Tuesdays and I love to waltz. Tuesday’s also our private lesson night. After ninety minutes of dance lessons without a break I’ll have to hit the hay as soon as we get home.

Back to Truman now! Toodles!

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