Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

image of tentacled horror

Last night’s dream was a horror movie about inky black tentacles creeping under the bedroom door to get me. I was sleeping so well until I woke up at about four o’clock with a jolt just a teensy bit milder than the one I’d get if I stuck my tongue in a toaster.

To wake myself up a little I got up to pee, something that usually breaks the cycle of falling asleep and watching the same dream all over again, or the slightly more gruesome variation that my brain re-edits the original version into, just to tighten up the suspense a bit, I guess. But a visit to the john didn’t keep my brain from hitting the rewind button last night. I doubt very much I slept more than ten minutes at a time after that. Dozed off, dreamed I woke up because there was a light on in the living room shining under the door, sat up in bed to wonder about it, saw the inky black tentacles creeping along the floor toward me and Poof! Jolted awake.

At least I got a solid five hours before that, so I’m not totally trashed. I may need a supplemental extra-dark coffee to get through the afternoon, though. Hello, EVP coffee house!

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  1. 1 Gary J said at 10:32 am on October 20th, 2010:

    Eeeep! I had one yesterday where I was pulling a boat with trailer on the freeway with a bicycle. It was a message. Who was that guy that had to push that rock up a hill? That’s me.