Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

evp coffee

There’s an EVP Coffee shop serving the most delicious cuppa joe I’ve lapped up in a long time, and it’s just a block from the office building where I am now privileged to work. I think it’s the original shop; there are three more around town, but this seems to be the one that didn’t get a grand opening whoop-de-doo on their What’s New web page. I am so lucky, coffee-liciously speaking. Doubly lucky, really, because there isn’t anyplace else to go for a coffee or a sandwich or anything, really, on that stretch of Washington Avenue. EVP Coffee is all I’ve got, way out there. But I’ll take it. The coffee I had today was very dark but didn’t taste burned; it was very rich but didn’t upset my stomach; and it made me crave chocolate. I really wanted some chocolate! Maybe they had some there; I’ll have to ask next time I go there, at about twelve fifteen in the afternoon tomorrow after I finish my lunch.

Best Cuppa Joe EVAR | 10:07 pm CST
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