Monday, August 16th, 2010

I totally aced the tests I took yesterday at Job Center of Wisconsin. The counselors I was required to see there if I wanted to continue to receive unemployment benefits, and I really do so long as I’m unemployed, strongly suggested that I should take a series of tests, called Work Keys, to receive a certification telling potential employers I’m so very smart that they should hire me. Since I’m not all that smart, I figured a certificate saying I was could be a big help. Certainly couldn’t hurt, anyway.

So I went to the Work Keys lab yesterday afternoon, or actually I wandered around the campus of the Madison Area Technical College until I could buttonhole a security guard and ask him to tell me where the Work Keys lab was. Turned out I had to exit the building, cross four lanes of traffic and find an obscure entrance on the far side of a completely different building, so right off the bat I wasn’t doing so good. Thank goodness finding the lab wasn’t part of the test.

I was scheduled to take two of three tests, but I blew through them so quickly the proctor let me take the third one, too, so I wouldn’t have to go back. The questions were all multiple choice and the first two-thirds of each test was made up of questions that were so easy I read them over and over again, looking for the catch. “You worked 37.5 hours at a rate of $11.35 an hour. How much did you make?” That’s the question? Really? The last ten or so questions were so convoluted, though, they more than made up for the ease of the first slew of questions.

The first test was reading comprehension and the second was math. I aced the math. I admit I was pretty well chuffed about that, seeing as how I got C’s in math all through high school and college. I could only manage ninety-eight percent on the reading portion, though – bummer. The final test was looking up stuff on charts, tables and graphs. It had a better name than that but I can’t remember what it was. I aced that one, too. The proctor said I was the first person to take all three tests in one day and earn the “platinum” rating; if that’s true, maybe the job hunt won’t be as difficult as I thought it would.

Tried, Tested & True | 8:30 am CST
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