Sunday, August 15th, 2010

image of happy beer loversWhile I was looking through the photos I shot at the Great Taste of the Midwest yesterday, the first thought that came to mind when I saw this one was, Who are these people? My brain was still a little fogged from imbibing a bit too enthusiastically at the Great Taste this year.

I’m usually a lot more careful about how much I drink at the Great Taste because, the first year we went, we had no plan at all. We just wandered from one tap to the next, drinking as much beer as we wanted, like kids in a candy store. We never stopped to take a break and never drank anything but beer. Not surprisingly, we were so drunk by the time they stopped serving that we could hardly prop each other up long enough to make it to the taxi stand.

The year after that near-catastrophe, we came up with a plan: We brought a cooler filled with ice-cold bottled water, stuffed our backpacks with snacks, and took the trouble to bring a couple camp chairs. They passed out programs while we waited in line at the entrance, so we planned to sample about a dozen or so beers all in the same tent, then retire to our camp chairs, eat some snacks and drink loads of water while we thumbed through the program, planning the next round of beers we’d like to drink. That worked so well we did it again the next year.

This year, though, I was enjoying myself so much I sort of fell off the wagon. We ran into quite a few people we knew, so we never seemed to get the chance to wander back to our camp to rest and rehydrate. I drank the bottle of water that was in my pocket, and I’m pretty sure that’s all the water I drank until about five o’clock when I started to get headspins. I hate headspins. I shuffled off in desperate search of our camp, where I plopped my ass down in a seat and drank all the bottled water I could hold. My Darling B found me there at about five-thirty. She told me later I looked awful.

So I won’t be doing it that way again. Must stick to the plan. I got this really good photo out of it, though.

Great Taste | 5:33 pm CDT
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