Friday, August 13th, 2010

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Holy crap, there’s a plan! For months, even years, I’ve been asking people to tell me what the plan is but, up to this point, nobody’s sent me a copy of the memo. Now, finally, I find a news article about the plan for the war in Afgahistan …

… or, maybe there’s not. I read the article from beginning to end but found no plan, just the news that fifty-three percent of Americans support it, whatever it is. They won’t say what it is, only that they like it.

I even read the article more than once, just to make sure I hadn’t skipped over it, in case it might be a very simple plan they could spell out in just a few easy-to-miss words. I don’t think I missed it, though. No matter how carefully I read it over and over, I couldn’t find any explanation of a plan for the war in Afghanistan.

General Petraeus says that we’ve made progress, and he would really like to keep on making more progress, but unfortunately he doesn’t say toward what, so no help there.

So if you’re among the fifty-three percent of Americans who are still on board with the Afghan plan, and you can explain it in a hundred words or less, please shoot an e-mail to O-Broze productions, care of yours truly. First answer gets a prize. I think we’ve got some coffee mugs or t-shirts around here somewhere.

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