Sunday, June 20th, 2010

On Father’s Day I get to do whatever the hell I want to do, and what I’ve wanted to do all morning is sit in front of my computer monitor in my underwear reading goofy shit off the interwebs. Here’s the first thing that made me laugh out loud:

It’s a Star Wars joke, which, in the eyes of many people, makes me a Star Wars nerd, although I don’t believe that’s necessarily true. If you told me no one had ever waved a hand at you as if to cloud your mind and uttered the words, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” I wouldn’t believe you. Everybody on the planet has had someone do that to them by now. You could travel to the Gobi Desert, the jungles of Cambodia, the interior of the Amazon, and find someone who knew that line, in English.

I suspect that’s because it’s so much fun to use. Every time you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar, all you have to do is casually wave your hand and say the line. Unless the guy who caught you has a heart like a block of ice, he’s almost guaranteed to chuckle and tell you, “Move along! Move along!”

I am a Star Wars nerd, by the way. To give you an idea just how big a nerd I am for Star Wars, I’ll point out that the clip I linked to above is from a re-release of the first movie that had been “improved” by adding computer-generated special effects. There are various creatures and robots that appear to wander between the camera and the land speeder at the beginning of the scene, blocking the shot. A flying robot appears in one shot just long enough to be a nuisance, and what looks like a dinosaur made out of brown Play-Doh by a kindergartener lumbers through the background of the final shot. I would guess they were added to make the scene look more like it took place in a crowded city street but, if you ask me, all this added clutter does is distract the viewer from what’s going on between the stormtroopers and the main characters.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I felt not being able to find a clip that didn’t have all the extra crap in it, by the way. Star Wars was a fun movie before they hauled it out and glued a bunch of extra bling on it. Is this turning into a rant now? It is, isn’t it? Where the hell was I? Damn distractions, they’re all over the interwebs.

Before I even got around to doinking around on the internet, I spent the first couple hours of the morning in the customary way: leafing through the Sunday newspaper while downing cup after cup of coffee.

My Darling B spent the morning baking a delicious Father’s Day treat for me. She didn’t mean to. She meant to go out to her garden and stay there, plucking weeds, sowing seeds and whatever else she does until the skies stopped threatening to pour down rain and actually started to do it. It never did rain. She was out there all afternoon.

On her first trip to the garden, though, she looked up and saw how many of the berries on the mulberry tree were ripe and thought how nice it would be to bake a berry buckle, a sort of coffee cake, and leave it for me as a prezzie on my special day. Nobody does holidays like B does.

Thing is, a berry buckle isn’t something anybody, not even My Darling B, can throw together in a few minutes. It takes quite a long time to do it right, and when it comes to doing things in the kitchen, B is all about doing things absolutely right. No short cuts for her.

I’m happy to report that’s how it turned out: Absolutely right. A wonderful father’s day gift. I heart be, woojy-woojy.

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