Monday, June 14th, 2010

I just narrowly avoided a pants-wetting event this evening: After spending an hour and change polishing my resume, then closing the editor to upload the finished doc to my LinkedIn profile, I couldn’t find it anywhere! Even after taking a deep breath, getting up out of my chair and stepping away from the keyboard for a couple minutes to let the adrenaline dissipate, no search would find it, no matter what the key word.

Copious cussing ensued.

When calm finally descended over me once again I realized there was nothing for it but to start over, so I started to download it from the e-mail attachment I’d sent myself and just about crapped myself when the name of the polished resume showed up in the download manager window. Slowly, carefully tracing the path, I clicked on a temp file ever so gingerly because, y’know, sometimes those things pop like a soap bubble and you never see your data again. But there it was, my resume, not only fully intact but as polished as I’d left it. Breathing a sigh of relief, I saved a couple million copies of it to various folders on my hard drive, my web site, my LinkedIn profile, a server on the moon….

pissed | 5:54 am CDT
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