Monday, April 26th, 2010

I read in one of those handyman magazines that you can recycle the filters in the exhaust hood over your stove top by shoving them in the dish washer. What a great idea! I even felt just a bit ashamed I hadn’t thought of it myself.

Turns out it’s a stupid idea. Make that: It’s a very stupid idea. Don’t do that.

My came out shredded, barely recognizable as filters any more. It was such a bad idea that I hid them away in the basement for weeks in shame, not even daring to put them in the trash can for fear that the garbage men would see them. “Hey, Larry! Looks like another handy-man wannabe ran his oven hood filters through the dish washer!”

But the ignominy of falling prey to a stupid idea was finally overcome tonight by the growing weight of my neglect. My Darling B has been ever so patiently asking me to replace the missing oven hood filters while carrying on working in the kitchen anyway. What a trooper. Then, tonight, the overhead lights on the oven hood blew. It was time to act. I dredged the tattered filters out of their basement hidey hole and took them for a ride over to the hardware store.

For a few panicked minutes as I wandered the aisles, I was tortured by the thought that maybe they didn’t make filters anymore in the size I needed. Somehow, that turned out not to be the case. Just the opposite, in fact: The size I needed turned out to be one of the most common sizes available. How often does that happen? I almost got two sets, just to have two sets, because in my heart of hearts I’m a hoarder. I could have had a dozen, but managed to restrain myself. I’ll have a house bulging with spent filters one day, but not yet. I took home only one set, and a pair of light bulbs. Our oven hood is once again anatomically correct and fully functional.

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