Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I’ve spent more than a couple of hours updating my resume today. I love to write, but updating a resume is only slightly less agonizing than clawing out my eyes with my own fingernails. I don’t know why it should be like that, but it is. I’d guess it’s some sort of physical law and can’t be ignored, like gravity, or the speed of light. Writing a resume hurts. It just does.

After updating my resume I uploaded it to a couple web sites I used when we first moved here five years ago. I was at first more than a little surprised that I still had accounts on those web sites, given the amount of time that had passed since I used them last, but surprise quickly gave way to a buoyant wave of gratitude that the monolithic bureaucracy that is the state government moves so slowly to delete these things so I didn’t have to start from scratch.

That done, it’s about time to crack open a beer and catch up on web comics. L’chaim!

getting ready | 6:44 am CDT
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