Friday, April 23rd, 2010

After two days away from the office to attend a seminar that will give me the managerial toolbox I need to become a better supervisor, it’s back to the grindstone for one more day, huzzah!

The seminar really was very good, in that I not only learned about things that will help me out, but we also practiced them. The instructor kept mixing us up into different groups to have us work on projects, role-playing and writing scripts that kept the learning going, the subject interesting and the day short. This almost never happens when I attend a seminar so I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Probably my favorite part of the seminar was yesterday afternoon when we role-played counseling employees who were giving us attitude. To help us deal with different defensive techniques, Mary Kate sat down to give Joe a chance to deal with angry employees. He said he has trouble knowing what to say to people when they act like this.

He began the counseling session, “Your ability to get your work done early is just great, but I’m concerned that when you use your extra time to socialize or make phone calls it’s keeping the rest of the staff from completing their duties.”

Mary Kate rolled her eyes. “I don’t get what the problem is. I can’t help it if they can’t do their work as well as I can.”

Joe paused, then stepped out of the role-play a moment. “See, this is where I get mad,” he said.

Me too, Joe.

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