Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Time for a quick update before I jump in the car and head into town to apply my nose to the grindstone …
Yesterday was Tuesday, as you may have noticed, and Tuesday is dance night, which you may have already noticed if you were here last week at about this time.

My Darling B and I were very bad this past week: I think we practiced our dance steps one night, maybe two. Not more than two nights. Very naughty. Lucky for us we didn’t forget anything, and that dance move we couldn’t remember two weeks ago came right back to us when Christopher asked us to do it this week. It was like riding a bike; we hardly had to think through the steps once he reminded us, just do them.

This week, Christopher introduced a radical new concept to how we dance the walz: Rotating the box! First, we turned the box ninety degrees on every back step. Then we turned ninety degrees on every forward step. Finally, he asked us to try it either way, and throw in a few of the other dance moves as we went — and I couldn’t do it! It was too much to think about and my brain exploded! I had to box, turn, rise & fall, and try to remember when to step aside to start the cross-body lead? BLAM!

As soon as we got home, we practiced the new steps we learned and the old steps we remembered so that maybe they would remain cemented in our brains for a few more hours this time around. Hardest part was trying to adjust to taking tiny little steps in our living room after having a whole dance studio to fly around in.

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