Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Olivetti, typewriter, Studio 44We stopped at the co-op yesterday morning for groceries and at the thrift store to see if there were any books I had to take home (there were; I finally scored a copy of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff).

On my way to the front door of the thrift store I glanced through the window to see if there were any old typewriters on the front counter. It’s a nervous tic I picked up ever since I went home from the thrift store with a cast-iron LC Smith typewriter. I didn’t see any this time, so I was even more surprised when I caught sight of a small portable out of the corner of my eye.

It was an Olivetti Studio 44. My first typewriter was an electric Olivetti Praxis so I already have a soft spot in my heart for Olivettis. This little manual had been well taken care of and was in great shape, except that a tiny metal tab that was meant to hold up the return lever had broken off sometime in the past, so that the return had left a mark where it dragged across the top of the body, and dangled feebly over the side as the carriage advanced.

No big deal to me. I took it home anyway. Fixed the problem of the return lever by sticking a couple of washers in the gap between the lever and the mechanism it screwed onto. Works just great!

Olivetti | 8:08 pm CDT
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