Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Our cha-cha lesson introduced the step and POP! Which means nothing to you, except this: Everything we learned up to this point, all the practice we put in getting our moves down, amounted to pretty much nothing when our instructor asked us to stick a step and POP! in there. The whole dance sequence came grinding to a halt as we pinballed off each other for the better part of twenty minutes trying to learn that goddamn move. But when we finally got it down, oh man did it look sweet!

Luckily we have an instructor who’s very patient and kept at it with us until we had all the steps down, even though he had to watch us walk through it v e r y s l o w l y at least two dozen times counting “One, two, three cha-cha” out loud as we went. It’s got to be excruciating for him to watch us step through these moves at one-tenth the speed he uses to demonstrate them, which is already snail-slow to him, but he diligently keeps at it, hoping, I suppose, that one day at least some of his students will show up on Dancing With The Stars.

The step and POP! is right in the middle of the cha-cha routine we learned, when we start the walk-through. It’s like a snappy little pause where we used to be on the move, which is what was throwing us off big time. The guy doesn’t have to do much at that point, thank dog, just step aside and let the lady step past and spin, but the hesitation just before that where the step and POP! goes left my teensy tiny mind in the dust while my feet wanted to keep boogying. The disconnect did not help.

Oh, and the instructor added a spin, too, but I don’t have to do much for that, either. All I have to remember is to turn my wrist toward me like I”m reading a watch and hold my hand in the air so she can twirl. Cha-cha is a dance where the lady does all the heavy work and the guy’s supposed to just stand there and make her look good. I can almost manage to do that.

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