Thursday, February 25th, 2010

When we push all the furniture in the living room to one side, it turns out we have almost enough room to practice our dance steps. Almost, but not quite.

It would probably be enough room if we had a little more floor time under our belts, so we knew how to fit the dance steps we knew into an odd space, but after just three lessons we’re still taking the biggest, broadest steps possible in exactly the direction we were taught. We can make our living room into a pretty generous-sized dance floor, but we still end up dancing directly into the wall.

My Darling B insisted we schedule last Tuesday’s lesson early enough in the evening that we could stay for the group lesson after. Her idea was that we could have time to practice so we wouldn’t forget, and with an instructor close at hand we could ask questions about the parts we got wrong.

The instructor for the group session had other ideas, though. He was teaching a waltz dance step that probably has a name but, if he mentioned it, I’ve forgotten it now. It took the better part of an hour to walk us all through the steps but by the time we were finished we looked like we were performing the final number in a Hollywood musical. Okay, maybe more like a high school production of a Hollywood musical, but if so we had as much fun as high schoolers.

The dance was rather long and had a lot of turns and twirls and a promenade and a walk-through and we didn’t want to forget any of it, and that’s why we pushed all the furniture aside last night and tried to walk through it again. We found that we could still do just about every step, although we’re not sure about the step-through and twirl at the end. B thought she should twirl one way. I thought she should twirl the other. We practiced it both ways, just to be sure we could do one of them come next week.

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