Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Wow, dancing’s hard. Our instructor keeps impressing on us how easy it is, and I guess I have to agree with him. A Foxtrot two steps forward, on step to the side, bring your feet together, and keep repeating that for as long as the music continues. Really, you’d think anybody should be able to do that.

And now that I mention it, the half-time entertainment at the roller derby last weekend was a couple seven-year-old kids from the Fusion Dance Academy demonstrating their moves. No, really. What, you thought maybe the crowds at a roller derby were a little less refined than that?

I think that what makes dancing difficult is that it’s about one percent knowing the steps and ninety-nine percent poise. And I ain’t got a whole lot of poise. I learned a basic box-step Waltz in about ten seconds, but making it look good will take the better part of a year, if My Darling B is patient with me and we take the time to practice every night.

Last night was only our second lesson, so I wasn’t expecting too much, a good thing because we didn’t advance much. Our instructor reviewed the three basic steps he taught us last time (Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing), then played some music for us to practice with, and that’s when I discovered how hard it is to dance. I was doing just fine when I could concentrate on remembering the steps and counting “One, two, three” out loud, but if I split my attention to listen to the beat of the music, I got hopelessly screwed up and stepped all over B’s feet. That’s the part that she’s going to need a lot of patience for.
But we still had enough fun that we signed up for another six lessons and will go back next week. B wants to join the group lesson next time. That ought to be good for an embarrassing story or two.

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