Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Yesterday was the fifteenth, and every month on the ides our favorite liquor store hosts a wine tasting and gives a fifteen percent discount on all the wine in their store that isn’t already on sale. It’s not hard to explain why Star is our favorite liquor store.

I’m not snooty about wine, or maybe I am, but only to the point that I won’t spend ten bucks on a bad bottle of wine when I could spend twenty to get a good one. It wouldn’t have to be a really good one, although we have been lucky enough to find one or two at that price, but it does have to be good enough that we would want to buy another bottle someday … or even the same day.

And I’m finally reaching the point in my knowledge of wine where I can answer when My Darling B asks me, “We can get one more bottle. What are you thinking?” And instead of saying, “The one with the kangaroo on the label,” I can answer, “I think that nice Australian Syrah from New South Wales would be perfect.”
We brought home a big basket of wine to replenish our cellar and broke open a bottle of tasty Gewurztraminer to drink with the scrummy Creole stew B made on her furlough day. Bliss!

(We don’t really have a wine cellar. It would be nice, but we don’t. We have one of those tinker-toy wine racks, a great find at a garage sale, that we put up on one of the shelves in what I rather grandly call the brewery. We don’t have a brewery, either. But it seems to be the corner of the basement all the alcohol in the house gravitates to.)

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