Monday, February 8th, 2010

Aaaaand … apparently we’re not going to get any part of the monstrous snow dump we were promised this morning when the goobers on NPR told me at least six times we could expect six to twelve inches by nightfall. Well, it’s nightfall. We got nothing.

It’s not that I was hoping for maybe another snow day. I’m thinking pigs will fly out of my butt bearing gift boxes of Havana cigars before that happens again this winter. And I certainly wasn’t looking forward to driving in it, or shoveling it off my driveway and front stoop again, but for some weird reason I really hate being told it’s going to snow, and then psyche! No snow. At all.

My Darling B, on the other hand, would rather not see any more snowfall at all this season, promised or not. And I have to say I understand her feelings perfectly. She can’t wait to plant her garden again, and the sooner it stops snowing and she can see the ground again, the more it feels as if planting a garden seems like a possibility within reach. So even though I’m pissed off about being diddled by the heavy snow forecast that didn’t pay out, I’m also pulling for B.

dumpless | 8:57 am CDT
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