Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Munich TDYOne of the really great things about my job in the military was that they sent me back to tech school every once in a while, which might sound like a drag to you, but I promise it’s not. Here, for instance, is a photo from the first time they sent me to tech school. I was stationed in England and the tech school was in Munich, Germany. Pretty awesome, no?

I don’t remember who snapped this photo or how it came into my possession, but I remember that it was an an icebreaker during the first week we were at school. The students lived in apartments that had the look of what might have been two-bedroom married quarters with a full kitchen, bath and living area. After this night we would gather weekly in somebody apartment to party, because in Germany they would deliver beer to your doorstep the way milk was once delivered here in the States. When you’re young and out in the great big world on your own, what more encouragement do you need?

The guy in the middle, believe it or not, is yours truly. There really was a time, about 4.5 million years ago according to the latest carbon dating techniques, when I was that young. It still amazes me.

The guy on the far left is Bob Brandriff. This was a guy who liked to party as much as anything else. That’s not a criticism, that’s praise. He knew what he liked, and he did it. And I admired him for it, because I hoped that one day I would unclench my butt and be as easygoing as he was. It could happen. I’m still hoping.

I forget the name of the guy tugging on Bob’s ear. I believe he was a squid, but that’s all I can dredge up from my feeble memory about him. “Squid” is what we used to call Navy guys. They called us “wingnuts.”
I had a huge crush on the girl who appears to be checking out my neck and tried everything I could think of to make my lips say anything to her more intelligible that “beweeble babble dooble bee,” but I couldn’t do it. I can’t remember her name now.

The guy on the far right is Seth Cochran. Several years later I ran into him again in Denver, Colorado, or thought I did. After working one or two nights with a guy who looked an awful lot like him I asked if he’d ever been to the tech school in Munich. He said no, but his twin brother had been. It’s a small world sometimes, but that’s positively microscopic.

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