Sunday, December 27th, 2009

We finally got around to playing that game of Risk last night.

B fixed some doner kebaps for dinner using the leftover lamb from the night before. A doner is a Turkish gyro, roast lamb sliced thin and piled in the pocket of a pita-like bread with lots of veggies and yogurt sauce. We discovered them while I was stationed in Berlin and loved them so much we still miss them ten twenty years later.

B has learned to make a sauce that comes so very close to the original doner sauce as to make no difference, and it’s easy to get the veggies right. The ingredient we can only approximate is the lamb. It was slow-roasted with lots of spices. I haven’t tasted lamb like that since.

But B keeps tweaking her recipe to see how close she can get. The doners she made last night were delicious, and took almost no time to make (compared to the food preparation she goes through for other dishes), leaving us lots of time to play Risk.

We started the game in the usual way:

Tim staked a claim in Australia and swore to hold it against all invaders. He did this, and more. There’s a first time for everything.

B announced she was going to remain completely neutral throughout the game, and even though she never made a move that you could say was intent on taking over the world, yet somehow she managed to stay in the game until the very end, and made a pretty good showing of it, too.

I tried staking a claim on Asia this time, mostly just because I hadn’t done that in quite a while. Unfortunately, I have no strategy for holding on to Asia, something you must have if you want to build an Asian empire, even in a game so basic as Risk. The experiment failed miserably. I’ll stick to North America from now on.

Sean set his sights on North America this time and did a pretty good job of hanging on to it, right up until the very end. His last, significant move came when he turned in his Risk cards in exchange for something like thirty or forty armies and went on a rampage across Asia that destroyed quite a lot of Tim’s forces (Tim had conquered my territories by that time) and might have even wiped Tim completely off the board if he hadn’t painted himself into a corner in China. There he sat with fifteen or twenty armies and nowhere to go.

Tim’s turn was next. He slaughtered Sean.

B was still on the board but, by that time, all she wanted was for the game to be over so she could go read a book. Sean was feeling much the same way by then, so they both conceded and Tim declared himself ruler of the world.

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