Friday, December 25th, 2009

All four of us, Tim, Sean, My Darling B and I, sat down for a Christmas dinner that B knew the boys would gobble up, her world-famous pasta dish (I can say that without lying even a little bit because she’s prepared it in every place we’ve lived) that we call pepperoni-rigatoni. It’s pasta and pepperoni in a casserole dish smothered in tomato sauce and cheese. The boys have always loved it and it’s quick and easy to make, which left us for the one other thing we do when we all get together: Play a board game!

Last night it was Monopoly. There was a sort of lukewarm feeling about playing a full-blown game of Monopoly so I suggested we deal all the deeds randomly and go from there, and everybody went along with that until we’d made two or maybe three laps around the board, when it turned out everybody really missed the part about buying the property, so we started over and everybody had a great time after that.

I bought all the railroads. I always do this because nobody else does. “Nobody ever lands on the railroads,” is the reason I hear, and yet I notice that, when I buy up all the railroads, the refrain quickly changes to, “Two hundred dollars to ride on the Reading? I didn’t even want to ride on your stupid railroad in the first place!”

Even though nobody ever lands on the railroads, I had to promise My Darling B she could ride on them free if she sold me the Pennsylvania so I could have all four. And she did, and then landed on them almost every time she rolled the dice. Saved herself a thousand bucks, easily.

The game ended in a draw at about nine-thirty when nobody was coming out ahead but nobody was really going under, either. All I had was Baltic, Oriental and all the railroads, couldn’t develop any property, the rest of the players had houses all over the board that I kept landing on, and still somehow I had more money than anybody else. When nine-thirty rolled around we called the game on account of not being able to bankrupt anybody.

Tonight’s game: RISK!

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