Friday, August 1st, 2008

Yesterday we took a break from grilling our dinner by stopping at the Harmony Bar on the way home and chowing down on wonderfully greasy, cheese-covered hamburgers, but since we were home for dinner tonight I went right back out to the Weber and started a fire big, hot fire to grill the very same spicy weenies I had planned to cook for guy night. And that satisfies the burning desire I had to find a way to work the phrase “spicy weenies” into a daily drivel post.

We didn’t go straight home, but stopped on Willy Street to buy some potato chips to eat with our weenies (My Darling B requires that we have a vegetable with every meal, no matter how poorly it may fit the definition) and see if Star Liquor was hosting one of their semiregular Friday evening beer tastings. They weren’t, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing a six-pack of Furthermore Proper to take home with us, just the kind of refreshing beverage that goes ever so perfectly with grilled sausages.

Speaking of beer, I hope I’m not bragging when I say that My Darling B is the most awesome wife in the whole wide world, but if I am, tough darts. She came home from work today with two tickets to The Great Taste of the Midwest, arguably the beer festival that more beer lovers try to get into than any other. They don’t only come from miles around, they come from the other side of the planet. Tickets were sold out the minute they went on sale because people camp overnight on the pavement outside the places that sell them, and the odds of winning the tiny fraction of tickets held back for the mail-order lottery have shrunk to chances so astronomically small they make winning a quarter billion dollars on Powerball look easy.

But My Darling B, who is the most wonderful girl anywhere on earth, in case I haven’t made that clear, knows a guy who knows a guy … it usually comes down to that, doesn’t it? Not that she cultivates herself as a woman who wields enormous influence by virtue of being well-connected, but, okay, she is. When you can score tickets to The Great Taste of the Midwest, you are by definition amazingly well-connected.
Funnily enough, she wasn’t even looking for tickets because she figured there simply wouldn’t be any available ever. Then one of her coworkers dropped by her cubicle and asked if she was still thinking she’d like to go, and she affected an air of casual interest coyly answered, “Well, HELL YES!” And now we’re going.

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