Monday, August 13th, 2007

The good people who brew beer for a living have a tradition of dreaming up the goofiest names possible for their potions. Featured at this year’s Great Taste of the Midwest were brews such as Dirty Helen Ale, Discombobulation Celebration, and Under the Kilt Heavy. For the people who like to drink beer, giving them an opportunity to say, “Let me wet my lips on Dirty Helen!” is like throwing gasoline on a fire. No doubt it encourages a lot of newbies, too, but it can put the kibosh on others, such as My Darling B, who wouldn’t go near the ale called “Moustache Ride” because she couldn’t bring herself to ask for it. “Just point,” I suggested, but she didn’t dare to go even that far. She’s ever so reserved.

GTMW07 names | 6:57 am CDT
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