Saturday, August 11th, 2007

It’s beer day! I probably won’t be in any shape to write about it tonight, so I thought I’d mention it now. After lunch, Barb and I will head for the Great Taste of the Midwest, an annual festival of microbrewers who converge on Olin park, bringing tuns filled with their wares so we can spend the afternoon “sampling” them. My constitution is no longer chemically able to withstand the kind of pollution five hours of drinking carefully fermented alcohol would normally inflict on it, so I’ll have to go easy this afternoon — no gulping. Still, I plan to get my money’s worth, so although I don’t intend to get mindlessly blotto, I have a funny feeling I’ll end up somewhere north of there. No doubt I’ll have to stay up late guzzling one pint glass after another of ice water in an effort to avoid that dream where I clamp my lips around the nozzle of a gushing fire hose. So you might hear from me later, after all.

GTMW07 preview | 6:56 am CDT
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