Thursday, November 22nd, 2001

It’s funny, and reassuring in a traditional way, that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that the government hasn’t fudged around. On holidays like this one, the operations floor usually goes to minimum manning, keeping just a skeleton crew. I slept in this morning by arrangement, and when I got in at about noon, Shawn Bryant, the guy who sat in my spot, went home to his family.

The place was nearly deserted when I got there. We were supposed to have a pig-in, so I was carrying a casserole, even though I figured there wouldn’t be anybody to eat it and besides, we were all going home to eat dinner that evening, anyway. Who’d want to stuff themselves at work, then go home to eat more?

Wow, did I figure that wrong. MSgt Godwin brought in a 30 lb. turkey, somebody else brought in a baked ham, and with my casserole there were about a half-dozen home-cooked items on the table. The Dawgs tore through them like they’d just been released from six months in a prison camp, leaving overturned bowls, crumbs and greasy smears behind on the table.

Our dinner at home was wonderful. Barb fixed a fairly simple dinner this time, with a big turkey, baked potatoes, rice, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We have that last one every year for the same reason that my Mom cuts the ends off the roast: Because we’ve always done it that way. We ate by candle light and had a long, relaxed meal, knowing that we could all stay up late because none of us had to get up early in the morning.

Thanksgiving | 5:41 am CDT
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