Sunday, November 11th, 2001

Sunday, our lazy day. When I wasn’t taking a bike ride or working on a project with Timmy, I spent my free time working out the tougher parts of the Sunday crossword.

Sumo season has begun. I can’t say why we’re interested in it as much as we are, other than because it’s so very Japanese. What’s funny, when you look at it that way, is that the yokazuna, the highest-ranked sumo wrestler, isn’t from Japan at all, but Hawaii. And man, is he big. I mean, they’re all big, but this guy’s a monster, probably weighs close to 400 pounds, and I’ll bet at least two-thirds of his weight is above his waist. Pushing him around has got to be like bringing a speeding locomotive to a dead stop with your bare hands. They’re not just fat, though. The guy I like to watch, Tochiazuma, is a big guy, but he’s built like a cast-iron fire plug, and he’s fast. Most sumo matches are over in seconds, and the energy these guys unleash in those few seconds is so tremendous that sweat runs off them in rivers after they finish. In interviews after his matches, Tochiazuma sweats worse than Nixon. So we’re watching the matches closely, picking our favorites, and having lots of fun adding our own commentary, because the Japanese sports guys are just as insipid as any of their American counterparts. They usually work in pairs, and it seems as if one guy’s job is to keep repeating “so desu ne” – “That’s right!”

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