Friday, September 28th, 2001

To keep from becoming barracks rats, we’re trying to sign up for every trip and tour that’s published. We went on our first trip today, a beach combing trip to Mutsu Bay to look for glass floats. Fishermen in this corner of the world still use them on their nets, and beach combers are crazy for them, so naturally you never see any. Well, I didn’t, and neither did Timmy, but My Darling B found one almost right away, a tiny one about the size of a golf ball. She was well chuffed; it was the one thing she’d wished for that day, and it came true.

The beaches are pretty trashy, covered with lots of flotsam, and Tim spent the whole morning throwing almost all of it back into the surf, especially the plastic floats. They’re about the size of a basketball and usually have a broken length of rope hanging from them, so he could wind up and fling it like a hammer throw. Made a terrific noise when he hit a concrete breakwater.

We walked probably three or four miles of beach along the eastern rim of the bay, and finally stopped at a roadside noodle stand for a big, steaming-hot bowl of miso ramen before scooting back to Misawa.

Miso ramen is a big bowl of ramen noodles in a broth made of bean paste, usually topped with sliced vegetables such as bean sprouts, onion, mushroom, cabbage, and radish. Sometimes you can order it with chunks of chicken, pork, or beef. And when I say a big bowl, I mean BIG; I have a hard time finishing it. It’s a bargain meal at about 500 yen.

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